About Us

Table full of Saap Fusion Kitchen food and drinks


Saap Fusion Kitchen is a collaboration between two successful business entrepreneurs, Ryan Hurley and Bobby Rasphangthong.  Ryan takes an active approach to his investments and cherishes the opportunity to enrich the community through creative design, thoughtful impact, and humble service.  Bobby brings his experience as a 3rd generation restauranteur and flair for presentation.  Together they guide the Saap team and showcase the fresh flavors of traditional dishes, plus new and delicious twists on well-loved dishes from around the globe.  Ryan and Bobby have proudly teamed up to bring Food, Life, and Culture.


Saap is a word used to describe something delicious and is at the heart of every dish on our menu. Saap is a fusion kitchen that combines Latin and Asian influences to twist traditional dishes into a unique dining experience. The outcome is a cuisine that is exciting and modern, yet approachable and recognizable.


Fusion is in our blood. In everything we do, we strive to marry food and friends through service, fresh ingredients, unique dishes, and a spirit of togetherness. We believe that food is one constant that kindles community. At Saap Fusion Kitchen, that energy flows through our menu, our open concept seating, and the warmth from our fire to bring you a place you can feel alive.


We approach our restaurant with passion through each step in the process. At Saap, every ingredient and every meal are thoughtfully and artistically made into a culinary experience. From the selection of our vendors, to those on our team, and even down to the plating of our food, Saap Fusion Kitchen is designed to share our love of food and life with you.