Dine the Couve

Available all day for both dine-in and carry out all October long

3 for $35 Menu

First (choose one)


street corn cup

roasted street corn, shallots, cilantro, lime, jalapenos, Japanese mayo, chiles, sour cream, queso fresco


roasted jalapeno caesar
mixed greens, corn, bell peppers, onions, cilantro, queso fresco, jalapeno caesar dressing

grilled peach salad
jicama, arugula, red onions, thai basil, goat cheese, almonds, balsamic



Second (choose one)


saap fried chicken

spicy red miso glaze, seasonal accompaniment


sweet potato enchiladas

stuffed sweet potato, peppers, onions, beans, cheese, mole verde, succotash, salsa verde, guacamole


adobo roasted chicken, beans, Asian slaw, chili lime dressing on a tostada finished with queso fresco, salsa rojo


poblano mac + cheese

poblano cream cheese, Anaheim pepper, cheddar, jack, smoked gouda



Third (choose one)

thai tea creme brulee

whipped cream and berries



new york style with whipped cream and berries


flourless chocolate torte

raspberry sauce and magic fairy dust

seasonal sorbet

sesame brittle

$25 Cocktail + Appetizer Special

2 traditional margaritas or 2 saap old fashions


served with chips + pico